Tipi Glamping

28 Sep 2023
2 Guests

Tipi Glamping

Tent glamping with an extra pinch of fun can be achieved with a tipi glamping holiday. Also known as a teepee, this type of glamping accommodation is a triangular, cone-shaped tent made from long, usually wooden poles and covered with a cloth or canvas material.

Staying in a glamping tipi offers a stress-free camping experience as your tent is pre-pitched, ready for your arrival. We offer a popular collection of tipi glamping sites to transport you back to the time of the American Indians. Kids are sure to love the tipi glamping experience as they let their imaginations run wild in a fun alternative experience to sleeping in a traditional tent. Some glamping tipis are designed so that campfires can be lit within the tipi as a vent at the top releases the smoke.

Discover our collection of glamping tipis available to book for your next glamping holiday by staying at one of our tipi glamping sites.

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