New luxury campsite set in East Yorkshire woodland

Tue 10 March, 2015

Nature loving couple Carolyn and Christian Van are working hard to establish a new Glampsite within 500 acres of beautiful East Yorkshire woodland near Sancton.

The new site will feature eight timber cabins to sleep 50 up-to guests featuring with stoves, four-poster beds and spa-style bathrooms. The Glampsite marks a substantial investment which will see a total of 42 units.

Carolyn from The North Star Club said; "A lot of people go to country house hotels, but you aren't really having a country experience. You're on manicured grounds, whereas this will plonk you in the middle of nature."

"As we get more extreme in terms of technology and being removed from things that are real, I think there's an equal reaction that pushes people into just being desperate for fresh air and nature."

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