How to boost glamping bookings and business in an evolving industry

Thu 9 July, 2020

Over the last few years, the glamping industry has experienced continued growth and the vibrancy we are experiencing persists to create emerging and ever-changing trends. A quick look into online searches for glamping in the UK reveals a 20% growth year on year since 2018 and we continue to see the industry bolstered by political situations like Brexit, the economic circumstances as a result and also a shift in consumer motivation to reduce their carbon footprint and a desire to ‘get back to nature’.

It is, therefore, no surprise that many rural businesses and landowners are seeing glamping as an ideal venture in rural diversification. Along with this clear opportunity, however, comes the challenge of standing out from the crowd in the face of fierce competition with many ‘traditional’ sites feeling the squeeze from an evolving and challenging marketplace.

Glamping as an industry has always championed new and existing experiences so it is no surprise that consumers have sighted glamping as an ideal way to embrace and gift experiences to others, which is a key driver and trend within the market. Hot tubs, pet-friendly accommodation, champagne hampers (champing) are all ways in which consumers are demanding more from their glamping experiences and ways new and existing site owners could be left out of being booked ahead of their competition. Glamping has started to create its own sphere in the holiday market with more choice of sites and accommodation than ever before, meaning establishing and promoting your unique selling point (USP) whether you are a new or existing site, has never been more important.

Standing out from the crowd calls for you to shout your USP from the treetops to ensure that when consumers are searching for their next unique experience, you can be found as a site who can provide this for them. But, as with all business promotional efforts, this can be very time-consuming. In the face of increased competition, how do you maximise on time spent trying to increase exposure, to get you in front of your targeted consumer and see your glamping site chosen ahead of your competitors?

Helping you save on your precious time in these efforts, gives you this increased exposure, offering you the ideal platform to amplify your marketing efforts. Unlike many Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Glampsites lists only glamping accommodation and promotes the USP of your site, and provides you with the peace of mind that your site is being found for the right things, at the right time, by the right consumers. The stage is set for your site to shine on and boost bookings and business.

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