A guide to dog friendly glamping holidays

Tue 12 June, 2018

Dog-friendly glamping sites are growing in popularity with pet friendly glampsites located in prime holiday locations all over England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Glamping holidays are for all the family, and for the 1 in 10 UK families that own a dog, that means taking your pet glamping too. Dog-friendly glamping holidays are particularly appropriate for solo glampers, families and those planning a hiking holiday in the company of their trusty four-legged friend. There are many advantages to choosing glamping sites that allow dogs. It means you don’t have to worry about your pet fretting while you are away. It also avoids the cost of expensive boarding kennel fees.

What to look for on dog-friendly glamping sites

The best dog-friendly glamping sites will have additional facilities for pet owners such as dedicated dog exercise areas and litter bins and bags for pet waste. They may also provide a list of local vets and doggie daycare centres and great places for dog-walking close to the glampsite. You might want to choose a pet friendly glamping site close to forest walks, national parks and beautiful beaches where your dog can run and swim. However, some beaches are dog-free during the peak summer months, so check local info for restrictions before deciding. The best glampsites for dogs are those with some trees and shade for your pet.

Holidaying with your dog

Be aware that not everyone adores dogs and not all pets are as well-trained or socially adjusted as your dog. What may be intended as a display of affection by a bouncy dog may not be appreciated by other walkers. This is particularly true when walking in the countryside near livestock. It’s smart to keep your dog on a lead when in the presence of other animals, including other dogs.

Tips for taking your dog glamping

Glamping with your dog can require some extra preparation. Make sure your dog is well trained and comes to heel when called. Most dogs-allowed glampsites require your pet to be on a lead at all times and have a collar with an ID tag including your mobile contact number. Check vaccinations are up to date and that tick and flea treatment is current. A quick checklist of things to pack for dog-friendly glamping holidays include:

• A familiar bed or blanket and a groundsheet

• Bowls for food and water

• Favourite toys

• Plenty of towels

• A supply of food

• A cage or a large stake/anchor for securing your dog during meal times and at night

When holidaying with your dog, the safest way to transport your pet is in a travel cage which collapses when not in use. It can also double up as a secure and familiar bed for your pet at night. Give your pet plenty of fresh air during the journey (dogs can get travel sick too!) and make regular comfort stops for a leg-stretch. That way you will all arrive fresh and ready to start your dog-friendly glamping holiday.

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